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Are you an ISV or a Distributor who wants to help your channel become better digital marketers? Empower your partners with thought leadership and storytelling campaigns customized for your solutions. Enterprise is made for Partner Marketing.

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You can use our Microsoft Awards Preparation Module for free.

Notice we didn’t say “for a limited time only.” It’s free. Forever and always. (Feel free to thank us later, preferably from a podium.)

Microsoft Awards

Keep an eye out for the full list of Awards to be announced in February 2022!

Frequently asked questions

Membership & pricing

If you want to market more effectively by using best practice methods and a thought-leadership approach to asset creation, then you should use daXai.

  • Microsoft Partners.
  • Technology companies.
  • Marketing agencies/distribution/partnerships
  • Investors in business that lack marketing experience.

Unlike most paid subscriptions, all premium daXai memberships – tier regardless – come with UNLIMITED access to ALL our premium digital marketing services: templates, wizards, and marketing mastery content.

  • Awards
  • Professional
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  • Enterprise

Free unrestricted access to our Microsoft Awards Preparation Module. The best part (apart from the total lack of strings attached) is that you can use it anytime to get a serious head start on your awards competition.

You can think of the difference in terms of size and scope.

Microsoft partner that wants to increase their odds of getting to the podium? Awards is where it’s at.

Marketing professional that’s too busy to be without content-accelerating templates and on-demand digital marketing expertise? Sign up for Professional.

Got a small marketing department that needs some serious upskilling? Go with Team.

Not lacking in numbers but struggling to achieve digital marketing success? Go for Business.

Don’t neatly fit into any of the above and want to enable your partner channel to execute on campaigns? Hey there ISV, select Enterprise and let’s chat.

That depends on your membership plan.

  • Awards: 1
  • Professional: 3
  • Team: 5
  • Business: 7
  • Enterprise: TBD (Contact us)

Note: User access is managed by the account owner. These can be changed at any time. Multiple people can collaborate on Awards but will need to sign up for their own Awards account.

Each daXai dollar represents an hour of FREE 1:1 consulting time with us: the digital marketing brains behind daXai!

Need help polishing a battlecard? You got it. Want a second pair of eyes to gauge the quality of your landing page? No problem. Need some expert advice for your marketing campaign? We can help.

daXai dollars renew annually with your membership. But if you ever need some extra support (or have used up the daXai dollars you’ve got), you can always purchase more daXai dollars within daXai!

You mean, “May I cancel my membership?” – yeah, and no questions asked.

Digital marketing becomes a lot harder and less fun.